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Dog Kennels

We provide a high quality environment for your dog's home away from home.

When you arrive, you will be happy to discover the quality & features of the kennel your dog will be calling home whilst you are away.

  • The kennels are constructed from insulated paneling and have an enclosed 1.8 msq with a 1.8m x 3.6m run that faces onto the exercise yard.
  • One kennel is large enough to accomodate 2 large dogs.
  • We do NOT put dogs belonging to other people in with yours.
  • They will be allowed into the 25m x 15m exercise yard at least twice a day to stretch their legs.
  • We are happy to administer your dogs regular medication including insulin injections for Diabetics.
  • All feed is provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

We find that most small dogs can be run together and have fun whilst they play. However, we prefer to keep the larger dogs separate for safety.


  • Trampoline Beds.
  • Bedding & Coats are provided as needed but you are welcome to bring your own if preferred.
  • In Summer - Fans & a Water Misting System is provided to keep your dog cool.
  • In Winter - Heat Lamps are provided to keep your dog snug.
  • Hydro Bathing & Grooming is available.


SMALL UP TO 10kg $22.00 $132.00
MEDIUM 10kg - 25kg $24.00 $144.00
LARGE 25kg - 50kg $26.00 $156.00
X-LARGE OVER 50kg $28.00 $168.00


Payment can be made by

  • Cash on arrival 
  • Cheque on arrival 
  • Direct Deposit prior to arrival (details will be provided)


1 WEEK IS 7 DAYS e.g. Monday to Sunday

We require Proof of Current Vaccination for all animals that stay with us at WeCare Country Kennels

  • DOGS - We accept C5 & Higher

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